Specialty Weekend Results

From August 24th to 27th was the Vizsla Canada and Ottawa Valley Pointing Dog Specialties in Long Sault. During this weekend was also four regular all-breed shows.


Vesper's results were modest but satisfying considering the quality of entries this year.


She didn't qualify in the Vizsla Canada specialty nor in the OVPD specialty but helped her mother CH Lienroc Grand Connemara "Marlee" take the Best Brood Bitch award during the Vizsla Canada Specialty.


In the all-breed shows, Vesper made the final cut on Sunday under judge Dr.Robert Smith. Of the 12 special females that were entered, Vesper was amongst the 3 who made the final cut.


She did pretty well overall this weekend despite the heat and the long days.


A great weekend filled with nice people where we learned many new things on the Vizsla.

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    Les Burt & Garnet the Vizsla (mercredi, 29 août 2012 19:33)

    Met with you at Long Sault. Vesper is a great looking dog with lots of potential. Most Vizslas don't like the heat and humidity. Our V did well in the morning agility trials, but the afternoon heat was just too much for her. Good luck and hope all goes well with your first litter of pups!

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    Örökké Vizslas (jeudi, 30 août 2012 04:56)

    It was nice meeting you too. Unfortunately we didn't see any of Garnet's run but i'm sure she did well, she's a Vizsla after all. Hopefully we will see you around at an agility trial. Are you doing the Guides Canins competition this weekend in St-Lazare?
    We will be there with Vesper, first agility & frisbee competition for her!

    See you around at dog event!