National Pet Fair 2013

Great agility and frisbee weekend at the SNAC. Besides the tough condition for the races (huge crowd, noise and a hard and slippery surface), we had a lot of fun. We only Q'ed 2 runs but most of the races were great with only small mistakes.


Vesper got her first Steeplechase Q with the best overall time of the day, 37 sec on a 48 sec standard course time. She also got her first master gambler Q with a score of 96 points!!! (On the video the races are in order : Advanced Jumper, Steeplechase and Master Gambler).


On a more personnal note, I showed Ivie (14 months), Julie Sansregrets Vizsla, in 2 UKC conformation show Sunday and we won the BEST IN SHOW and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!!! Congrats to Julie and Ivie!!!

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