Our History

Örökké Vizsla was born from the deep love we have for our first Vizsla, Vesper. After many months of research on the different breeds and their characteristics and temperament, we came to the conclusion that this breed was the ideal for us. We then started meeting breeders and right at our first contact with a live Vizsla, it was love at first sight.

At first, Vesper was destined to be a family and agility dog. During her growth, we realized that she would be a wonderful show dog. Under the encouragement of our breeders, Terri and Greg, we decided to start competing. All along the obedience and agility classes as well as the conformation shows, we discovered ourselves a true passion for the canine world.

Motivated by the love and the quality of the breed and in order to transmit our passion, we decided to start our own breeding. We are supported in this wonderful project by an array of experienced persons that are encouraging us and are ready to lend a helping hand in all the situations.

We are looking forward to sharing our passion with you.


Lysiane & Sébastien