Agility is a team sport (dog-handler) that is dynamic and that requires a good chemistry between the dog and his handler. The agility courses are actually obstacle courses that must be ran, depending on the game played, in certain order and in the given amount of time.


The dog must make his way through the course without any faults. Here is the list of obstacles you will find on agility courses and their completion criteria.


Jumps : 5 types


  • Simple Jumps : basically a rack holding an horizontal bar placed at the determined height. The dog must jump without knocking the bar out.
  • Winged Jumps : Same as the simple jump but on each side of the supporting rack there is wings. The wings force the handler to be further away from the jump.
  • Double Jumps : Same as a simple jump but with two bars, one behind the other creating a depth.
  • Spread Jumps : A serie of bars forming a 45 degree angle creating a greater depth than the double.
  • Tire : A tire that the dog must jump through.

Tunnels : These are flexible tunnels that can be positionned in different shapes. The dog must go in and come out at the other end.

Chute : Just like tunnels, the dog must enter in a round tube. The difference is that the end is a collapsed piece of fabric that the dog must push through to get out.


A-Frame : It's a frame in an A shape, the dog must climb on one side and get down on the other. The dog must touch the contact zone marked in yellow before continuing.  


Teeter : The dog must climb on the board up to the tilting point. One the board has completely tilted the dog must touch the yellow contact zone and then continue the course.


Dog Walk : The dog walk is a 5 foot climb followed by a flat section and a descending section. One again the dog must touch the yellow contact zone.  


Table : This obstacle requires the dog to jump on the table and stay on it. He must then lay down and stay there during 5 seconds.  


Weave poles : The weaves consists of a series of poles, 6 or 12, aligned vertically on a straight line and spaced apart. The dog must weave between all the poles until the end of the series.