Disc Dog

Disc Dog is a sport sanctionned by the Canadian Disc Dog Association. There is three different types of events : Distance, Freestyle and Furthest catch.




This is the most common event. The field is marked with distance lines (10, 15, 20, 30 yards). The goal is to throw the disc and the dog must catch it. Depending on the distance at which the dog catches the disc, points will be awarded.


1 point for a catch between the 10 and 15 yards line.

3 points  for a catch between the 15 and 20 yards line.

5 points  for a catch between thee 20 et 30 yard line.

7 points for a catch beyond the 30 yards (Advanced only).


If the dog catches the disc with all four legs off the ground, there is 1 bonus point awarded.

Each round is 60 seconds and the goal is to have a much points a possible. You have two rounds per trial.


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Crédit - Christine Gardner Photography